vendredi, janvier 7

almost exactly a year later.... another snow day

though wow what a difference a year makes, huh?

apparently there are people who work for my company who won't be there on monday. this should be interesting, as half of the office stayed home out of the weather. how will they know? will they be phoned at home? will they come in and find their passwords changed and their pass-keys deactivated? would you rather be told now, the first week in january, or would you rather have found out before christmas?

i've just been given a new job and a new seat. when my managers pulled me into a closed door meeting on wednesday to talk about my 'role' in the department i asked them to cut to the chase: "does this conversation end with a terse hand gesture and the trump-meister's signature phrase?"

the answer then was an emphatic NO so i'm hoping things haven't changed in the last two days, cause if it has i'm gonna be pissed about having to pack my stuff up twice. though honestly, i was half hoping to get laid off... would get me out of a place where i have to see mr. m everyday without making any real effort. i had come to terms with my possible layoff during the christmas break, so was prepared. so whatever, i guess. not what the fates had in store for me this month, anyway.

speaking of mr. m, today he told me today that he only talks to me to 'be nice'. i replied that if that's the only reason, i'd rather he didn't. if he wants to be my friend 'cause he genuinely enjoys my company, well then fine. however, i would rather go home to my empty house and talk to myself every night than have pity friends. oh wait, that's kind of what i do now anyway. shouldn't be a stretch then, huh?

ok well i am technically supposed to be working, and i do have these two massive tasks to complete in the next little while. so maybe i'll write more.

picture this, though: the view from my window is of big fat fluffy flakes careening out of the sky in every which direction, and of green bamboo shoots laden down with heavy snow. very pretty, and a lovely place to work for an afternoon.