dimanche, janvier 2

a favourable omen?

so for christmas this year i received a ring from my sister. it's beautiful - exactly the sort of thing i love: chunky and feminine all at the same time. it's probably my favourite gift of this year, and for sure my favourite of all the gifts my sister has ever given me.

however, it's just a touch too big. not a huge amount - just enough so that it slips and slides around on my middle finger. on friday night when we were out, i switched it to the bigger finger cause i was a little afraid of losing it. unfortunately, my hands were FREEZING, so my fingers were even smaller than normal. amidst the hustle and bustle, it slid off my finger... somewhere. i was so sad - just heartbroken. i had half the bar searching for it, but, of course, everyone is drunk, and there's silver streamers all over the floor. we went back last night and i looked around some more, but no luck. i was pretty convinced i'd never see it again.

but guess what? about an hour ago, i received a phone call from one of the cleaners - they had picked up the ring and turned it in. so mike b is going to pick it up for me when he goes back to whistler on tuesday. i was so happy i cried a little. it's good to know that there are people who are pretty honest out there.