vendredi, avril 14

and true love waits in haunted attics

i'm doing the puke up every thing i eat thing again. this time i can't blame allergies - it's 100% stress. silverlining - i can eat pretty much anything i want 'cause i know i'm gonna toss it anyhoo.

trust me to find the upside in every situation.

i have purchased four pair of shoes in two days. these things make me happy. today it was some super fucking cool chuck taylors. ok i can't really afford to buy four pair of shoes in two days but i get this sick satisfaction from it, and from looking at my ever dwindling bank balance, and poking at my self-loathing because of it.

self destructive much?
hey there sidewalk dilletante, arms swinging wildly in your strung out quest for truth. it's just you and me and the taxis, tonight, stealing through the street-lit birdsongs. where are we all going? who's calling your name in the distance, sirens singing leading you onto the rocks, through the alleys, behind the buildings, under the lanes. we're heading towards the lightning sky silver haze glowing behind the stars and the trees. our eyes cast onward toward... what?

this is no gentleman's blues - set down here inside love and longing, a slipshod purgatory. my wings are clipped. my heart is gone. your sixth sense incense drowns the sounds of my belief - i am pilloried by your intent. i am impotent in your apathy.