dimanche, avril 23

when i raise my trigger finger all you f***ers hit the deck

dating update. captain's log. stardate whatever today is.

ok so i met this guy - talked to him on the phone a couple of times, via msn, all that good stuff. he's super cute - has a really dry sense of humour, total deadpan delivery, seems smart. i decided to try a different approach - when i went out for tea/a walk with him the first time, i totally dressed down - like jeans, a shirt, converse sneakers. same thing when i went out with him friday night - just basic clothes. like i went out of my way to NOT be sexy. no talking about sex, no referring to sex even obliquely.

he told me he had a theory of thirty - that is, if you meet thirty people, 25 you will never want to see again; 2 you will want for friends; two you will want to sleep with - one you will, one you won't bother; and one is the one you will want to pursue a 'relationship' with. he said you can tell this almost immediately after meeting someone. so, given my experiences, of late, at the end of our second date, i asked him which one he thought i was. he told me i was a #2. i sighed and said that's what i figured. he asked why? so i told him that's how everyone sees me. i told him how i'd even purposefully *tried* to be not sexy when i met him and talked to him. he laughed at me and said that it wasn't possible for me to not be sexy - he said it's just who i am.

le sigh.

ok it's fucking beautiful out. i'm going to get my bikini, my novel, my deck chair and hit the back yard. i have a well deserved date with myself and mister sunshine.