mardi, avril 25

hot sticky scenes you know what i mean

ok so i had an interesting offer this weekend.

there's a guy who does erotic bdsm photography out of victoria - like award winning black and whites, really beautiful shots. he asked me if i'd pose for him. he likes the idea of transposing the softness of me with the hard edge of his motif. i'm seriously tempted. i mean, it's not something i could ever show my parents, but it'd sure be a neat experience. ha neat. i bet you never thought you'd ever hear the word 'neat' to describe bondage photography, huh?

so what's new on the dating front? well last night i met a musician. he's pretty young - like 25 - but seems way laid back, plays tool-esque metal, and has fucking HOT tattoos, as well. nothing wrong with that, in my book. i do heart the ink. 25 might be a little young for me though - mind you, i talked to him on the phone for over an hour last night, and he seems pretty mature (though has a rabid love of the edmonton oilers, which i can't quite fathom. i'm sure he'll grow out of it. *ahem* ridley.)

anyhoooooo... i should do some work. i'm really tired and i'm afraid i'm burning out. i need a holiday, and i need some happy things to happen to me - i need to be showered with attention or pampered or something for a little while. i'm stretching myself too thin and giving too much to too many people who just want to take and take but not give anything back and i'm not sure how long i can keep doing it, you know?

le sigh.