dimanche, avril 2

burn like a beacon fire

adventures in dating with raspberry - stardate 4/1/06

ok so two dates in one day - i went from one directly to the other. how samantha jones is that? mind you i didn't actually sleep with either of them, so i guess not very.

date 1) very cute. 11 months younger that me. falls within the height preference. has tim robbins eyes, kinda. great body. huge tattoo on his shoulder. didn't wear underwear 'cause it told him i'd make him prove it. gives wicked whole-body hugs. has a darkly cynical sense of humour which i adore. is an engineer doing account management. so originally he was going to come out to me to hang out yesterday afternoon (bonus points for being willing to drive to the stix), but since i had to go on date #2 i met him downtown for a few afternoon drinks and a snack. he's really funny - spent half the date detailing the head injuries he suffered as a kid, which gave me amazing ammunition for taking the piss for the second half. at first when he came in i thought, yeah this guy is cute but i'm not sure i could get into him, but then he started talking and was super funny so i got a crush 'cause when (note to male readers - i'm about to give up a state secret,here) women say that a sense of humour is one of the first things we look for in a guy we are actually serious. the funnybone is a very underrated erogenous zone. i hung out with him for a couple of hours, then he walked me back to my car even though his truck was closer and it was pouring rain (more bonus points) and gave me this wicked hug that went from my knees all the way up to my cheekbones - he actually pressed his face up against mine - more points for good hugging. then he gave me two little kisses on the lips (the kind that tells you he wishes he could do more) and said he was going to see me again (more points for taking charge and knowing what he wants). so i got into my car and was fiddling with the stereo when i heard a knock on my window. i open the door and he undoes the top of his jeans and illustrates that he was, indeed, going commando (not that way you dirty birds) - points for having a much better short term memory that me.

date 2) slightly older than me. is in I.T. has a nice suv. super nice and interesting. likes girly martinis. lives in port moody ok so i was late for date 2. like 20 min late. but it's not my fault! i was late 'cause i was early! yes i acknowledge that sounds stupid. let me explain. i got to where i was supposed to meet #2 like 25 min early. i thought about maybe sitting in my car and reading my book but there was a winners right there. so i thought to my self, 'self, we should go see if we can find some hot undies for when we go fuck the chef tomorrow (more on that later)'. so i got into winners and got distracted by the giant rack of $1.99 low-rider thongs (can never have too many, you know) and trying to find a bra to match the bright pink shorty shorts ($3.99 - i heart winners), when all of a sudden it was 5 to six and i needed to be back across the street in five min. so, boatloads of undies in hand, i rush up to the cash register to discover that there are three people working and lineups approximately 40 deep. ok so i text message an imminent arrival, and wait my turn (foot tap foot tap foot tap). finally get to my car, rush over to the restaurant and CANNOT find parking to save my life. i circled like a shark at a barbeque but NOTHING. so i go to the hotel nearby and opt for paying to park. oh wait - what's this? the meter is broken and i have to go to the front desk? of COURSE. front desk - clerk asks 'are you eating in the restaurant?' 'YES' i say (she didn't specify which restaurant). she gives me a free parking pass. i put it in my car and run. anyway, that's pretty much it - i left early 'cause i was getting really tired and didn't want to get all run down. he's a really great guy but not my type. i think he's cool though - i'd like to keep in touch with him just 'cause i enjoy his company but i dunno how receptive he'd be to that.

today, i am going to hang out with (and by hang out with i mean get fucked rotten by) the chef. i'm bringing slutty undies, a bottle of wine, and stuff for an indoor picnic. i seriously can't wait.

i have a date for tuesday and a tentative date for wednesday. saturday is miguel migs and the chef will be there. it's shaping up to be an interesting week....