jeudi, avril 13

the fools got the hyacinth blues

yesterday was a Very Bad Day at work. but that's all i'll say about that, other than to let you know that i indulged in some self medication (vodka) and some retail therapy (shoes, purse, new bra). i think i will probably need to do some more today, but that's a-ok with me, i gotta tell you.

i talked to the chef last night. i deleted his contact from my msn the other day - i didn't block him but i took him out of my list so that i couldn't see him and be tempted. i do have a strange fascination with unavailable men, and i don't want to set myself up to be hurt, you know (look at me, grownin' up & all). so anyway, i talked to him last night for a bit - he messaged me as i logged in to see how i was feeling. he doesn't want a regular thing, and i don't want to be a play toy, i don't think. we do really love spending time with each other, though, so i guess we'll see where the friendship side of things takes us.

anyway, i think i have a date with a bottle of wine and a stack of dvds for the evening, so i imagine i'll writing here again. oh, and aaron over at seo buzzbox" interviewed me last week. go take a peek if you are interested....