dimanche, février 1


the oscars are on feb. 29. mike b. and i are plotting an oscars party - this is something i've always wanted to do. so we are now soliciting donations of a long red carpet to put down the main hall of his house. we can have people arrive on the red carpet and take their photo as they arrive along the red carpet....

i don't necessarily buy into the oscars as a standard of film making, but i sure do love the glitz and glitter surrounding them. too much fun. a couple of years ago, psychojeremy and i had a particularly crazy party weekend, and didn't go to bed all weekend. he passed out on the couch beside me, but i am quite proud to say that i managed to stay awake all the way through..

i must say i'm getting overly excited about this already... is a month early too early to anticipate a party?

i'm also going to create an "oscars checklist" for myself... see if i can manage to watch as many of the films as possible before the big night. ooo fun!