dimanche, février 1

someone else's brilliance

this is a quote from a blog that i happened upon earlier:

"Viruses are so last year. I don't understand why these virus makers don't get more creative. They could turn us all into unwitting participants in a massive social experiment/soap opera, but instead they mess up our computers. Ooooh! How brilliant!
If they really wanted to fuck with everyone and change the course of history, they would make one of these:
Two Suggested Viruses
*A virus that sends out every saved draft email to its originally intended recipient.
*A virus that sends the last twenty emails you've sent out, to everyone in your address book.
Jobs would be lost, relationships would disintegrate, tears would be shed, phone lines would be tied up for hours. And the whole damn thing could be sponsored by an alcohol company. "

i, personally, am particularly fond of the second option. that tickles my naughty bone. i have to admit to having certain, um, i won't say psychopathic but they are definitely not normal, tendencies sometimes. a bit of the devil living in me... the desire to go out and raise hell... cause a little trouble. the last time this happened and i went looking for nick (who, in remarkable twist of synchronicity, had skipped out of work to go shopping), his comment was "Total Irish girl!", which, i suppose is true. i never have the desire to physically hurt people... just make mischief: take french fries off the plates of total strangers, or steal popcorn from the bucket of the person sitting in front of me in theatres; gently tip people over when they are bending over, stork like, tying their shoes; undo bra straps and string-tied halter tops; things like that. the second virus idea is something that i wish i'd dreamed up. mind you, i'd probably be writing this from an CRTC-sponsored room in a cozy federal penitentiary, if it had.