mercredi, août 3

can't sleep

i wanna know who the fuck hit me upside the head with the emo stick.

i can't sleep and i'm all swirly in my head - it's hot and it's got my thinkin all fevered and turbulent. somebody slow this merry go round down down down i can't see the world is running together in a blur of trees and sand and sky and cars going by.

even the fountain outside holds no peace for me this night. i can see you all running up ahead - you are all running away and i just can't keep up. you're leaving me behind. i'm being left behind. i dread the ringing of my phone but at the same time i crave it crave it need to know that i'm not invisible that i hear that you remember i'm here.

do you ever wonder if you've become ephemeral? do you worry that you've lost substance - have become grace a whisper kiss of wind upon the tips of the bamboo? do you secretly hope that it's true?