vendredi, août 5

whurling durvish

So German tagged me to write about the ten songs which are spinning through my head right now. I thought that probably I wouldn’t get to it till later this weekend, but I’m sitting here at work with my headphones in listening to and I had to had to had to start it.

1) Reign – UNKLE
Dude this is Ian Brown from the Stone Roses set over a kick ass beat. The lyrics are very simplistic, but combine with Brown’s voice in a hypnotic mantra: “I am the lightening. I am the heat. I am the reign. I’m gonna reign this way again…. “ It makes me smile and I’ve been listening to the Way Out West remix of it over and over and over again. There are some songs that make me feel like I’m on the floor in the middle of the crowd – when I close my eyes I can picture myself there, with my eyes closed, shivers running up my spine, dj in front of me, ceiling open to the sky, everyone smiling smiling smiling…. This is one of them.
2) Everlong – Foo Fighters
This is my alltime favourite song. I like the rock version, the acoustic version, the weird trippy spacy live acoustic version… N2 played it on his guitar and sang it for me one night. He got lucky. I’m just sayin’.
3) This Modern Love – Bloc Party
This song is the soundtrack to my romantic life. I mean, if someone could look at me and say to themselves, I want to write a song about a girl who is always just a little too afraid to let herself go, this is the song they’d write: “what are you holding out for / what’s always in the way / why so damn absent minded? / why so scared of romance?” And the funniest thing about this song is that I always end up with men who I wish I could sing it to, you know? I wish I could sing this song to TNB. I wish I could just make him hear the words and understand. But I can’t and I won’t and probably it’s not worth the effort anyway.
4) I Just Wanna Live - Good Charlotte
Yes, yes. good charlotte, mediocre green day. yes, yes. they suck. but man oh man "i rock a law suit when i'm goin to court a white suit when i'm gettin divorced a black suit at the funeral home and my birthday suit when i'm home alone" - Someone wrote a song! With those lyrics! Those actual words! I LOVE that! I'm humming it outloud and cracking up even as i type this.
5) Shine a Light - the constantines. No explanation necessary. I can't wait wait wait till tonight helloooo boys....
6) Pack Up - lyrics born. The guy sounds like this old school bluesman, but he's a wickedcool asian guy. You think you like hip hop? If you haven't heard lyrics born then you should be ashamed.
7) Little Dawn - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. It's a happy happy song: "stretch out your legs and dance with me all night..." Yes please. Plus when i went to see them the guy playing the drums had a HUGE beard and was wearing head-to-toe brown polyester. How cool is that?
8) Lady Venom - The Swollen Members. If i were a stripper, this would be my song.
9) Digital Bath - The Deftones. I've talked about this song before. I can fall in and out of love between the first chord and the last - right now I can't even listen to it because it makes me happysad and I just want to be happy. But sometimes, when I'm dreaming, this is the song playing in the background. No other song has ever done that.
10) Clubfoot - Kasabian. If I were a dj, I'd drop this right in the middle of a great set and get everyone's hands in the air shouting in unison....

Ok that's it - and the traffic was SO bad today on the way home that I listened to every one of these songs and daydreamed about drinking a beer. So right now I'm writing about all of these songs and drinking a beer. Happy, happy Friday....