lundi, août 1


so here i am in my office chair doing penance for taking friday off. though, truth be told, i came out like a house on fire in the weather department. today - meh. friday? hot & loverly.

the kiddo and i went to see wedding crashers last night. it was funny crap - talk to german about it 'cause he rules, and i can only remember the overall flavour of the film but he's got specific moments woven into a larger tapestry of what is cool about vince vaughn.

so the younger N called me out of the blue last night to see if i wanted to go downtown. i was just coming out of the movies with the kiddo, though, and wasn't really up for it. also 'cause my favourite way to be self destructive is to throw myself into random sexual encounters when i'm feeling vulnerable, which then makes me feel kind of crappy about myself. and god knows that when N2 calls, it's a booty call, yo.

the divine ms u is supposed to be here with me today, answering the phone and drinking coffee and playing around with the office equipment, but she's running late and so i'm here by myself. well, i think there is a security guard, somewhere, but i've seen neither hide nor hair. which is, come to think of it, a tad creepy.

in the news:

- some caterpillars have been discovered to change their diet when they become infected with a parasite. scientists are shocked and thrilled with this discovery of organisms changing their diets and lifestyles to facilitate health and wellness. such a novel concept, let me tell you. shocking, really.
- i'm totally addicted to highhat. yay for the CBC - coming through for me in my time of need...