mercredi, août 10

let's drink till we can't feel the feelings anymore

today is the feast day of st lawrence, a patron of cooks. it's also my dad's birthday, and the day after my brother's. i forgot to phone, cause after bbq-ing steaks and potatoes and veggies and turkey (for me), i went to the beach with tnb. we were swimming in the bathtub warm water dodging jellyfish and seaweed till it started to get cold. we climbed out, only to realize that this kid was using my towel to stay warm. when i went to reclaim my (delightfully pre-dampened) towel from him, his people invited us over for a drink, so we sat and drank really really strong vodka-oj's with them, then went back to my house. tnb washed my car in the dark and i dazzled him with my ability to remove my wet bikini without taking off my clothes and the stunning proportions my nipples attain when cold (it's quite the phenomenon, let me tell you).

see - this is what i'm good at. i can take you into my world and remind you of the simple fun things that make life worth living. summer should be about having good conversations on a breezy sundeck over barbeque and lemonade; about taking off for the beach at 6.30 and swimming and telling jokes and sharing a drink with random strangers; about curling up on the couch with your arms around each other watching late night tv and laughing at the stupidity of it all. we'll do all that and then i will take you to bed and make your whole body shake and take you to the edge bring you back take you to the edge over and over again 'til you beg me to let you just... step... off.

it's not such a bad thing, being with me.