jeudi, août 18

things i missed

so that was seriously my first 'away' vacation in five years. i mean, aside from one weekend in vegas, which probably doesn't count, seeing as if i didn't have photos to prove i'd been there it may as well have never happened. and considering the kinds of things they can do with photoshop these days.. well let's not kid. it may never have happened. i was actually just on a bender in downtown vancouver.

anyhoo - so i went on a vacation. tnb came along for the weekend but took off early sundae leaving me alone with two other couples. now, this had good points and bad points - the good points being that they're all good people who are lots of fun; the bad points being that they're couples and have a tendency to lapse into couple-think, inspiring me to run silently screaming into the water for a bit of a relaxing paddle. well, not really a paddle. i swim well. you know what i mean. when the water was unavailable i resorted to drinking myself into a stupour. always a grand back up plan.

for my birthday i went to see small town strippers wearing a strapless top. one of the strippers bullied me into flashing her. honestly, it wasn't a hard sell - i'd had a lot to drink by that point. i figure if a stripper really wants to see these 33year old tah-tahs, it's kind of a compliment, you know?

but without much further ado, i present the top things i missed while on holly-daze:
1) my bed. the bed i slept in was a double sized bottom bunk - fun for indoor sports while tnb was still in residence, but once you get beyond that, it's just freakin' uncomfortable.
2) privacy. hard with a minimum of four other people in the room.
3) the kiddo. nuff said.
4) sadly, my blog. i did actually take a notebook with the intention of scribbling, but the folks i travelled with are not so much into that kind of scene and it made me feel conspicuous. so i really really tried to just remember everything that happened so i could come back and write witty things here. unfortunately, i did a lot of drinking to escape the couple-dome.
5) city noises... yeah the wilderness is quiet and it has crickets and coyotoes yipping all night (COYOTES! YIPPING! ALL... NIGHT! FUCKING COYOTES!), but i missed the sounds of the cars whishing past on the street outside my house.
6) the jasmine plant that sits right above my bed. i can smell it while i fall asleep - it's really quite lovely in a sick girly way.
7) coffee in the am. yeah we didn't have any. i've kicked the addiction. well until tomorrow morning, anyway.
8) nk and german and everyone else on the blogroll...

k i'm tired so i'm going to go to sleep now. i'll write more tomorrow, i promise. thank you all for the birthday wishes...