samedi, août 27

oh my everlovin god

the constantines are coming back to vancouver on october 14, which is one day after the killers, and you can bet your life and every last dollar that i shall be there with bells and other forms of love and devotion on. i need to badly update my dance card 'cause stuff has become obsolete and archaic and i've not shown it any respect in the last little while

did i mention that i have floor seats for the killers in october? and that i'm going to see pearl jam on friday? and that i mostly gave up coffee while i was on vay-kay? which is to say that i came back and realized that i didn't really like it anymore, after a week of drinking madagascar vanilla roiboos with my breakfast. well that was true until this morning, when tnb tucked the blankets around me and said "can i go to tenbucks and get you an americano?" and i said 'oh yes please' because i knew he'd bring me back a chocolate croissant as well, and who wants herbal tea to dip their chocolate croissant into? not me that's for sure. so i drank my americano with brown sugar and cream and gusto and dipped my croissant into it and loved every dark and delicious drop.

last night i went to the beach with tnb and we drank a lovely bottle of bc wine and watched a fucking unbelievable sunset and the toast he made was 'to you and me' and it made me happy happy in a silly way, though i didn't say anything, just smiled at him over the rim of my glass, sipped my wine and looked out over the sea to the mountains across the bay.

nk is coming for a visit and i'm so excited about maybe getting to meet him. i love new friends and adventures - there's nothing better in the world, really, except maybe for sex and chocolate croissants...