mercredi, août 3


(ten minutes freewriting, no pause, no edits)

two more phone calls last night - he called (i was shopping with lil bro); i returned call, chatted for a few min but he was watching movie; he called back at 10pm, talked about how sweet and positive i am, said goodnight sweetie sleeptight.

i thought that i forgot the password to my bloggity blog blog last night. my home computer had taken ill with some sort of video card issue and it was a few weeks before she was up and about again. in the meantime, she forgot my neatly remembered passwords. so i couldn't get in. so i had to get blogger to send me the passwords, but i couldn't access my gmail account (for the same reason) then i remembered my gmail password so it was all good but i'd lost my train of thought so i went to bed to read instead.

it's so nice here people have been seriously slacking off at the office - the clock's chimed quarter past and no-one is here yet, whereas usually there are people all over the place by now. it's good though 'cause i don't turn the lights on, just sit in the dark with the sun shining in the windows and slowly wake up. i know i thought about calling in saying i didn't feel well (cause i don't really, i'm PFP and it's making my belly sore) but i have stuff to do so maybe tomorrow if i'm still feeling buhjiggity.

i like my job lots but it's been quiet and i get bored and then i THINK THINK THINK and that's generally bad for me. even my horoscope today told me to just run on autopilot and let my instincts lead me where they may. so that's what i'll do. today my instincts are telling me to take my boss on a walk at lunch and maybe sneak out a little early and play as much highhat as i can 'cause that bitch is crack and i got my brother hooked and he played for four hours straight last night. i also think it'd make a super sweet drinking game and so i think i'll bust it out on saturday when my sister is home and we are hanging out at her place maybe having a bbq and getting drunk talking about being PFP and she's kicking my ass for giving a shit and telling me about this guy her and her bf have all picked out for me. he's scots, though, so i'm not sure how that will work. i'm ok with guys in skirts but i gotta get me some s-e-x a little more regularly than once a month, know what i mean?