vendredi, août 5

shine on you crazy diamond

that's what my horoscope told me to do today so dammit i'm gonna.

kids it's friday. friday's are supposed to be FOF (fuck off fridays) but i'm looking at my whiteboard and realizing i'll be lucky to get out of here on time, never mind a half hour early like i'd been planning. i have a date with dave grohl, you see, and need to make myself pretty.

had a real date last night, with car lot boy. the whole time i was with TNB he still called now and again so when he rang on wednesday to say 'hey let's patio drink tomorrow at the usual place' i said hella yes. he showed up straight from work driving his escalade fully bling'd out in a boss pinstripe - fit right in with me wearing my little white sundress & shades but what the hell he picked the time & place.

speaking of TNB i was talking with him before bed last night, drunk on vodka-sodas from the patio, and mentioned my date with dave grohl. he had a full three minutes of being pissed off at me for telling him i was going out with some 'fuckface' before he realized wtf i was talking about. he was all set (he told me) to say that he had a date with three (countem) total sluts for this evening as well. then he realized that i was going out to see the love of my life and that dave and i had a prior understanding so he had to pretty much just shut up. i couldn't stop laughing. good thing i had sort of evaded the "so what did you get up to this evening" question, huh?

german tagged me to pick my ten favourite (right now) songs and explain why. i'll try and get to it today, but am thinking it might not be till later in the weekend - my sister comes home tonight (yay! sister!) and the divine ms u is taking me out for girl-time tomorrow so time's gonna be tight. i do have a three day weekend, though, so i'll get to it i promise.

oh also, before i forget, ken & ariel have posted a link to the stupidest tattoos known to mankind. is yours there? are you afraid to look? fess up - what's the stupidest tattoo you've ever seen? i, for one, once met a man who had V-I-N-C-E on his right hand and N-E-I-L on his left.....