mardi, août 30


i'm eating part one of two of my share of the last of summer blueberries - i mean the little local sweetart ones lovingly plucked from the vine by underpaid ethnic minorities, not those oversized behemoths mass produced and callously ripped from their plantanchors by underpaid ethnic minorities. i think that summer's officially done. done like dinner. all done in. done-ski. i wore a sweater for most of yesterday (yes i admit my core temperature is a tad lower than most people's - cold hearted bitch that i am) and today, wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans, i'm a little chilly.

i even had a typical 'winter' weekend, despite the lovlieness of saturday. one day was spent with tnb, lying on his couch in my thong and a tshirt, reading a novel and distracting him from his inevitable domination of computer rendered images of tiger woods and justin timberlake. he's got a steely resolve, fo sho - he more or less ignored my scantily clad display. well that is until i pulled him on top of me for a kiss, said 'thank you' sweetly, then as soon as he turned his attention back to the screen started rubbing myself and playing with my nipples. even after that he paid me attention only while arnold palmer was teeing off. well, that is, until i reached the point where i was breathing a little heavier, had completely removed my underwear, and was clearly enjoying myself - at this point he completely gave up all pretext of faux golf and turned his attentions where they belonged.

the sundae was a lazy lazy day of novel reading in bed, cookie baking, and going for a run. i came to work feeling kind of rested - which is a switch after this summer of party weekends and staying up all night during the week. kind of nice, really.

i'm a little weird in that, for me, the year starts in september, not january. so there are about four weeks - from my birthday till mid september, when i'm introspective. when i ponder what i've accomplished this year and what i want to take care of next. and that's kind of what this weekend was about for me - it was nice.

anyhoo... i'm off to work. i can't wait for nk to get here...