lundi, août 22

gouge away

you can stay all day (if you want to)

i like talking to you when you're half asleep.. drunk with heavy-lidded near slumber. your guard is down, fallen by the wayside as your body slips away from your conciousness. i'm always the most alert now - just before sleep and just after. my pseudo-passivity fools you - i may seem not quite here but don't think for a second i'm any less aware for all that i've just crossed over or am just about to cross. it takes a lifetime of moments for me to settle my head and leave the information overload of the day or the dreams behind me. you, though... it's almost as though i can see your shields drop from your shoulders as you relax, relax into the breeze of the fan and the sounds of the street outside.

my vulnerable moments come when we're driving - when the stars are out and it's dark and the wind is blowing through the window and my words flow off my tongue like the highway beneath the wheels. i'll admit to anything when we're moving fast - my fears, my dreams, my hopes, my sadnesses. if you could see my eyes, at that moment, you'd see my history and my future playing out in the feedback loop of motion picture show. but you can't see my eyes and you can't read this, now, so my secret is safe (until at least the next time).