mardi, août 2


so since we've had the 'talk' i've heard from The New Boy (aka nancy boy) almost as much as i did all of last week. like, he called me at 10.30 last night just to say goodnight, and to wish me a good day for today.

this is me making a puzzled frustrated face.

oh by the way? it's four days 'til the foo fighters, at which time Mr. Dave Grohl will profess his undying love for me, and all New Boy confusion will be a moot point. i'm also on vacation countdown (10 days, 7 of which are work days) - not like i'm going anywhere, i just don't have to get out of my bikini for a week (well, except to bathe)(and wash the bikini)(mind you, if i bathed while *wearing* the bikini, i could kill two birds with one stone - wicked) and that's A-OK with me, ya know?

i've read so much over the last week that my contacts feel as thought they are composed of razor wire and i keep losing focus on my computer screen. how's that for fun stuff? too bad too bad the books are all trash - i lose myself in mystery novels when i need to escape from my life for a while. well, and i did read HP in less than 48 hours. but whatever. i'll be wearing super thick coke bottle lenses before my 35th birthday for sure. sexy, i know. how do you resist me?