dimanche, mai 21

an affectionate date - i'm section eight

ok from the 'world's colliding' department.....

last night i was chatting with someone i'd met at the height of the online dating madness. he had gone to a myspace party (which sucked, naturally) and i berated him because of course he should be supporting buzznet not myspace. he asked what the difference was, and i responded nothing except i have a good friend who works for buzznet. he replied "oh tony pierce?" and i said yes. he apparently has met tony, and used to read the blog.

huh, i think to myself. he then mentions that he, too, has a blog, but an msn thingy. so naturally i read it. he's kinda angry - like says things that piss people off lots. i comment that i have a friend who writes that way as well - even managed to ruffle the feathers of deaf america. he asks 'oh ciavarro?'

oh why yes i do... so now i'm trying to figure out if he's read *this* blog, and, if so, how do i feel if he doesn't own up to it? like isn't that poor manners? so i didn't say anything, i just let it pass on by, 'cause of course if i asked he'd want the address and then he'd see me with my tah-tahs out and there wouldnt' be any milestones for him to try and reach, you know?

but what *is* the etiquette of a situation like that? if you are introduced to someone, or meet them in a similar fashion, and you've read their blog so kinda know them intimately, shouldn't you say, oh by the way, i know about that funny growth on your thigh - go to the doctor - and i agree with j-mo. you should cut the guy with the chia pet fetish loose.

anyhooo... he was spending today baking green and chocolate flavoured brownies, if you get my drift. i pointed out that they taste like ass unless you drench them in chocolate/espresso sauce, baileys, and vanilla ice cream. he respects the way i managed to combine alcohol *and* drugs and so has asked if i'd like to hang this week. perhaps i'll solve the mystery at that point. or should i wait for him to mention it, if he's even been here?