samedi, mai 20

curse the corpses, call in the futurists.

ok so the sister may have been on to something with this whole matthew mc... ok i'm gonna have to learn how to spell that. one moment.

ok let's start this again, shall we?

ok so the sister may have been on to something with this whole Matthew McConaughey thing. i just spent the day with him. he makes my heart pit-a-pat. (as an aside, there's NO WAY i would ever have guessed at the spelling of that name). i displayed REMARKABLE restraint - like unheard of for me restraint. which is to say, i was in his bedroom, on his bed, for almost the entire day, and neither one of us removed a single article of clothing. the skirt may have ridden up my legs a few times, but skirt has a mind of its own. it really can't be controlled - let's not kid. i also drove him nearly to the point of insanity, which kinda wasn't really a win win situation 'cause fuckinell i was along for the ride, wasn't i?

le sigh.

southern men, i swear - the born in georgia lives in arkansas accent; the good manners; the values; did i mention the accent? oh and a tattoo that he'd have to be naked for me to see? and i still don't know what it is? and it's driving me INSANE with curiosity? i am a leo, after all, and you know what curiosity does to us kittens.

a hundred million thank you's and kisses to mr tony pierce, who very sweetly contributed to my sasquatch fund xoxoxoxo