mercredi, mai 17

love love love is a dangerous drug

i'm searching for my summer '06 record. you know - the one that i'll play over and over again when i'm driving, windows down, sunglasses on, moving too fast in and out of commuters nursing their third cups of coffee of the morning scowling at the newsradio headlines and traffic reports. i'm searching for the sound that will help me transcend the roadwork and flashing four way stops sail on past the speedtraps and c.h.i.p.s. i'm searching for sweet mellow happy chair-dance singalong songs - not too hot, not too cold, juuuust right.

any thoughts?

so few people have favourite moments - go through the comments and judge who wins a date with sundae.

i had possibly the worst date ever this evening. i know i know - i swore off. i should really listen to my own advice. i'll tell you about it in the morning; i had just enough beer to make me verryy sleepyy.

gnite xoxo

ps - oh and i gave ridley possibly the sweetest seduction move ever. maybe if you are sweet to him he'll share.