lundi, mai 29

bunk skunk trunk

i will write you in the style of the raspberry, to pretend it's her. it's not though, it's me again. i'm in charge of keeping posts in this blog so it keeps the hits and it keeps it's readers. i also guess i need to keep the style and tradition you all have come to expect in raspberry land.

you know she once went into my blog and posted about her sexual encounter in a car? i told her to be dirty and shit, and she pulled through in flying colors. so in that sense i will tell you about ridley's first time. you know i'm not even doing this for you, i'm doing this for rasp really, cuz i know she'll get a kick out of it. but i hope you appreciate it.

ok my first came when i was 19. i know, shitty. especially when all my friends were like "dude i had some major sex the other day, man it was banging!" you know they're problaby full of shit, but you believe it anyways eh? i then you wonder "how do I get that?" and "how does it even feel?"and then shit becomes depressing, and then you act like an idiot. man, youth is retarded. i don't even wanna touch the ridley i was when i was in high school. anyways....

i was seeing this girl for a good month or month and half or so, and it was getting heavy, and some heavy petting occured, and boobaged happened (by then I never have held a true boob), and all that fun stuff. she knew i was a virgin. she could sense it in my eyes, in my weirded-out-ness, she wasn't one of course, but she would "teach" me. ok I was still kinda weirded out on the whole thing because as a guy I was supposed to know, y'know?

it wasn't romantic at all. it was like 3 in the afternoon, we were at her mom's house watching tv, and her mom came home and we went upstairs to "listen to music," in which she put on Dr Dre 2000, her favorite rap record. she then took off her clothes to reveal a black bra and matching panties. she then told me to take off my pants to play with my penis. she then mounted me, and asked me if I could stick it in. of course I said (I mean come on). she then groaned and gave this sexy look that I will always remember because it became the look I would always see when we were fucking. I'm sure all girls have a look, but that was her look. It was unique, it was something burned in my mind, it made me horny when I thought about it. It's funny because you think of the uniqueness of the people you go out with and you think like music, or like common interests, or like a smile, or like a joke, or like a saying. the look was for me. you could not replicate it.

it was done quickly, she changed, i sat down and thought "that was it?" then I went home and thought about it some more and congratulated myself in that pathetic sort of way. but it was an accomplishment, a rite of passage, no one forgets that, no one forgets who, no one forgets the clothes, the scenery, the noises, the sensation as different as you thought it would be.

needless to say, the next time was much much better, and much more proper.

i know, not as sexy or quality as a quality rasp sex post, it's not my style, but I tried and it's something at least that everyone can relate to.