mercredi, mai 3

break the pressure, come play my game of gesture

things i don't understand:

1) how i can work in a building surrounded by some of the most brilliant engineers and designers in the world, and not a single one of them can find the extra sugar packets to refill the container when it is empty.

2) how i can go for months at a time without spilling on myself, and the moment i wear white i morph into raspberry spillypants.

3) why some mornings my meds make me pukey and some they don't.

4) why i always resist the thought of *going* to yoga, but once i'm there i feel a million times better. moreover, i KNOW that this is the way, and yet i get all grumpy about it everytime, regardless. in fact, last night i was so mellow that once i got home i didn't even speak for half an hour. i just didn't feel the need. i heart that.

ok so tonight begins the end of my dating spell. i am having drinks with the accountant, then might visit with punkrock boy, and then am coming home. tomorrow night prb and i were thinking about going to see that bettie page flick, but he's fifty-fifty on whether or not he has to work. hence the tonight thing - he didn't want to not see me this week. he's so cute. then friday i have a date with an english teacher... then i'm done for a bit. i'll do some re-dates, but nothing new.

should be interesting...