mardi, mai 2

todae's horoscope

i like this one:
No one has better instincts than you, as you will so handily prove today when you whip off the mask of someone who's all talk and no action -- be generous when you reveal their true identity. Chances are they were just trying to impress you anyway. There are many mixed signals coming from a friendship you thought was solid -- again, trust your instincts on this and consider that this person isn't always the best at communicating. Ask them what's up and get to the truth.
so i went and had dinner with the mushroom king last night. we were going to work on his business plan (he asked for my help) and i'd promised to cook him dinner so i figured i'd do that too. i made good food, we went for a walk to get wine, watched the ufc on tv, didn't do the plan 'cause his computer was having issues.

i kinda feel like we're married, or in some kind of long term relationship. weird huh? i'm strangely comfortable with him, he tells me about his dates and stuff, i don't tell him about mine, and things are good. friends, i guess, but still weird. there are definately moments where i feel like there is something.. more.. but i might be misreading them. artboy proved that my instincts aren't the best, anymore. or maybe ever were. i dunno.

i have a couple of dates pending, but i think that i might go on them and then give up on this whole dating thing. it is kinda making me feel empty inside. this isn't how i want to spend my days or evenings.

le sigh.

i'd like advice please. i don't want to be ripped apart, and i am listening (i always do), but i'm feeling kinda fragile and i don't want to be insulted. that's the difference between advice and criticism, i figure.