jeudi, mai 11

just breathe

ok so this whole not being able to breathe thing is getting old. actually it already is old. the sister is now calling me 'darth'. sadly, it fits.

i'm so doped up on antihistamines that i can't even see straight, and yet i managed to pull off some more excel spreadsheet miraculousness today at work - i truly rule the spreadsheet realm, at a cellular level. fuck the columns and rows. i rock the cells, man. me & johnny cash at fulsom prison, bustin out all over the cellblock, drinkin yellow water.

i just reread that last paragraph. it made no sense at all.

tomorrow i go to victoria for the night with the sister. she has a man she wants me to tame. this sounds like bad news. mind you, he is reputed to talk like matthew mcconnaghy. macconahie. fuckit - you know who i mean. this is not a bad thing. nope, not bad at all.

ok i'll stop now.