dimanche, mai 7

i could astound you if i wanted

so i'm sitting here gazing fondly at the product of two days (off and on) of work - a perfectly organized and pared down closet. ok when i say pared down you have to understand that it's still crammed full. also that i do not, by any means, have a small closet. but it's pared down none the less and is exceedingly tidy.

i think i've written here before about having mild o.c.d - it manifests itself in certain funny ways like how my desktop icons are arranged, and being distressed if anything but tea goes in the cupboard tea basket, and things like that. so as i was organizing my closet i knew that i was putting things back based on the type of clothing - jacket, skirt, pants whatevs and (to a lesser extent) by season. what i didn't notice until a third of the way in was that i was also sorting by colour, and making sure that the colours eased from one into the next smoothly. how did i notice myself doing this, you might be asking? well self was becoming rather distraught over the fact that i couldn't figure out where to place an aqua coloured top. i was rearranging stuff in my head, and actually had a moment of triumph - a moment significant enough for me to crow aloud - when i realized that a little pink summer blouse did indeed have small aqua coloured flowers in it: flowers which would allow me to segue neatly from the pink to the blue family.

the fact that this whole closet tidying venture probably would not have taken two days if i hadn't been quite so obsessive about the replacment of the clothes has not escaped me. And neither has the fact that, if i hadn't been so obsessive about sorting the clothes i was keeping as i removed them from the closet, as well as the clothes i earmarked for the thrift shop, i probably could have been done in an hour.