jeudi, mai 25

swim out past the breakers, watch the world die

ok kids so i'm outtie-500. which is to say, work will probably be nuts as everyone realizes i'm not going to be here until tuesday, and i'm going to the constantines tonight and so probably won't be able to post again till i get back monday. i'll try and take lots of pictures, and will be thinking of you with love.

in the meantime i leave you in the capable hands of my twin brother, mister ridley thunder. or, if he should feel so inclined nk. or heck, even ciavarro but he's currently on a mission to kill all of his readers, so maybe we don't want that, huh?

so goodnight, and goodluck, and play nice with your sister while i'm away....

ok we have an extra cons ticket for tonight. who wants to come?