lundi, mai 29

my fifty mission cap

things learned this weekend

  • emergency rain ponchos - best investment ever
  • trent reznor fake-plays the piano on stage
  • you should never hand the only set of car keys to me when i'm panicked /distracted by a projectile vomitting kiddo. i will lose them.
  • it is humanly possible to go for distance when puking
  • there are no taxies in quincy, washington
  • i heart london gourmet brand blueberry trailmix
  • people from alberta aren't that bad.
  • the walls at the 'country cabin' motel (in quincy washington) are really not very thick at all.
  • i can, indeed, wear my contacts day and night for three days.

    ok that's all for now. i need to make my eyes not wear plastic bits, and i need to go to sleep. someone, somewhere needs to write an epic poem about my last 26 hours. you'll understand tomorrow..... :)