vendredi, mai 26

let's get sandy!!!

Since I'm Rasp's Evil Twin Brother, I have known her for a while. But now that she's gone I can tell you a bunch of things about her you might not know:

1) She likes to tell people that she gives money to homeless people, but she doesn't
2) Raspberry is not her favorite fruit. It's problaby not even top 5.
3) She had black and she went back
4) Her favorite Beatle song is "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," sneers when someone mentions the White Album
5) When she is "Away" on MSN, she isn't really
6) Once punched out a guy on street because he looked at her funny. She went "WHAT?!" and Poof! he was on the floor
7) She hasn't even shown you her favorite tattoo
8) Once saved a man in Reno
9) Then killed him
10) She received a spanking from Prince William
11) Her favorite emoticon is the one with the humping stormtrooper
12) When she cries, she looks at herself in the mirror, just so she can freak herself out
13) Told a racist joke to a dead baby
14) Secretly cheers for the Edmonton Oilers
15) Her favorite t-shirt is the one that has the Good Times guy that says "Dynomiteee!"
16) Hated Lord Of The Rings
17) She has a friend whose birthday lands on Christmas. She double gifts.
18) Made Paul McCartney divorce his ex-wife
19) Not even a natural blonde.....more like strawberry blonde
20) Didn't even go to the festival, she's hunting secret maneating aliens in the dessert....

Oops, I've said too much