vendredi, janvier 6

another frank sinatra so i can get you in bed

though there was never any real doubt before, let me just say, we kick ass. the office started to slowly empty out yesterday around about 2.30 as people made their way to their favourite watering holes. i hung around for another hour, then drove home listening to the pregame and puckdrop on the radio. i don't know if it's just that i spent so many of my formative years watching hockey night in canada, or if it's just something you are born with as a canadian, but i fully had goosebumps listening to the pregame.

gretzky predicted a 4-1 win for canada. he came pretty freakin' close. the final score was five-oh but i do believe that the *real* score was 5-1 (i won't begrudge the russians that one goal. pogge didn't need another shut out.) i love the fact that the russians are as passionate about this game as we are. i love the fact that the goalie chucked his stick across the ice, flew over the boards, and bawled his eyes out for five minutes. i love the fact that his coach stuck with him till the bitter end - he's a great goalie he just didn't have the magic the canadians did last night. i love the fact that, going into this tournament, no one believed that the canadian team would even make the medal round. i love the fact that the finnish team beat the us 'cause the americans are cocky and need to have their asses kicked around the world stage in at least one kind of arena (no offence to my us friends). it was just a great game, and there was good sportsmanship on behalf of the winning team and the winning audience and the energy in the crowd was palpable even through the television.

i hated the fact that scalpers were selling tix to this game for upwards of $800 'cause half of the money made from this tournament goes back to hockey canada and i believe in supporting amateur sports in whichever shape they take.

i have some personal stuff meandering around in my brain, but i'll write that later, after a glass or two of wine when i'm in my pj's in front of the fire, k?