lundi, janvier 2

work sux

so tomorrow morning i have to go back to work. i don't like going to work. i like my life of leisure. i would like to somehow maintain it. how can i do this, i wonder?

well, aside from taking a sugar daddy. actually, fuck that i'll take a sugar daddy. just keep in mind that you'll have to make enough to support me, you, and the kiddo. if you are good with that, i'm good with it as well. and i don't have a particularly extravagant lifestyle, though i do enjoy creature comforts such as dinners out weekly and nice shoes.

oh as a point of interest, the bumshot below was taken in W49's bedroom. he was in the shower. i took the opportunity of being left to my own devices in his apartment not to snoop, but to take pictures of myself posed on his furniture. somehow, i don't think he'll mind.

dating dilemma: so my sister's friend asked me for my number on friday night. i gave it to him. he sent me a text message on nye to say happy ny. i responded with a thanksyou, but should i call to say hiya? he's cute. i'd go out with him fo-sho. hm. perhaps i should just send back another witty text message. i'm so bad at this shit. i'm good at meeting someone and fanning the chemical attraction/reaction between us, but then from there on out i'm the worst. i never know how to act appropriately.

ok there - i text'd him back. let's see if that stirs up a little excitement, shall we? why not start the new year off with a... well see now i want to say bang, here, but i kind of already did that, now didn't i? let's just say a new adventure. yeah, that'll do, donkey. i'm in the mood for an adventure, or two. or hell, even three.

no not three - i'd get far too scattered for three. and, seriously, who has the energy?