dimanche, janvier 15

destination unknown, ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

when mike b invites girls that he wants to make out with to his house to watch movies, he inevitably pops in 'pirates of the caribbean'. he says it's better panty remover than lemon gin. girls can't resist the swashbuckling charm combo of orlando and johnny d. throw in a little mike b magic and bob's yer uncle.

i think that, to this date, i'm the only woman who hasn't succumb.

last night, as i curled up on the couch at the cute boy's place, he asked me "do you want to watch pirates of the caribbean or bladerunner?" i started to laugh, and explained mike b's theory when he queried my on my humour. he looked at me, looked at the dvds in his hands, and chucked bladerunner over his shoulder.

last night i didn't even bother putting up a fight.