jeudi, janvier 26

save me from the borrowed cloud i'm on

so the last guy i dated who decided to move away just stopped talking to me and left me to figure it out on my money's on this one doing the same thing. anyone want a piece of that action?

i am missing yoga tonight. i am still too wobbly to go stand on one leg or balance in proud warriors 1 through 3, but will try and go to work tomorrow. you know, 'cause it's friday and why not do a solid day's work in order to be fully able to appreciate the weekend?

not to mention the fact that, if i don't go to work tomorrow, i might just go fcuking postal and kill my whole family 'cause i'm sick and tired of being trapped in my room with ellen.

sorry ellen but the honeymoon is over and you ain't got the dick to keep me interested.

i've been running through my blogroll about twenty times a day wishing you people would all update more regularly thank god for dlisted 'cause he updates four-six times daily. raymi too.