lundi, janvier 16

polyphonic prostitute (now it's suitable)

sex with tnb was pretty good. if i had one complaint, it was that he never went down on me. well, i can't say *never* 'cause i think he did three times in the entire nine months we dated. but close to never. he sure was a willing recipient of the oral love, just a not so willing... decipient? purveyor. yeah, purveyor.

saturday night i went to watch him (not tnb) play hockey. lucky for me, the rink he was on was viewable from the pub and so, left to my own devices, i quietly got drunk to keep myself amused. (well, and had a weirdly serious spiritual type conversation with a woman who was there to support the opposing team, but that's an entry for another day.) i figured he'd take forever once the game ended - they sit around after and drink beer and rehash every single play - but he came out straight away, dumped his gear in the car and sat down beside me. we had another beer, then headed back to his place and he showed me in, then tucked me up on the couch with a blanket while he put his gear away. after a few minutes, he came down, popped in the dvd and crawled under the blanket with me, scooping my legs up over his lap so that i was half on the couch, half on top of him. he reached down, picked up my hand in his, and started kissing my knuckles, sort of absent-mindedly, almost unconciously. i snuggled down on the couch, enjoying the warmth of the blanket and of his mouth. "do you want to lie down?" i asked. he didn't answer, just slid me forward a bit on the couch and curled in behind me, never letting go of my hand.

tnb never used his mouth enough. i love the feel of a man's mouth - so much harder than a woman's, soft but hard, rough but gentle. he scraped his teeth across my knuckles, not watching me, just knowing, feeling me shudder. he reached up, pushed my hair back, and took my earlobe in his teeth, flicking his tongue against it. it was almost more than i could bear- i turned my head and kissed him, grabbing his bottom lip with my teeth and pulling him over on top of me in one motion. i wanted him now NOW but he knew better, knew enough to pull back, undo my shirt, slip it off, pull my tits out of my bra and suck them gently, gently, then not so gently. he ran his tongue down my belly to the top of my jeans, tugging the button open, pulling them down off my hips, tugging the waist of my panties in his teeth and he moved down, keeps moving down, down, pulling my clothes off, kissing me all the way down, scraping his teeth on my hips, running his tongue along the crease at the top of my legs. jeans are off now, pulls my hips up to meet his mouth, licks me from my ass all the way around to my clit then latches on, sucks and licks and bites till i almost can't take it anymore, scoops me up and lays me down on the floor bends over me so that i can take him in my mouth at the same time all the while kissing and licking and biting me, using his tongue and his fingers and his teeth and his lips.

pirates of the caribbean, huh? now i understand..