dimanche, janvier 1

when it reigns

first off happy new year to everyone. i hope that oh6 is everything you hope it could ever be. ok lame year end list alert...

top five things that happened to me in 2005:

  1. discovering the constantines. yes it really did take me this long. yes i dreadfully regret it.
  2. learning how to wakeboard for my doublethird birthday
  3. touching dave grohl
  4. getting switched to another department at work and figuring out that it wasn't really *me* who sucked, it was my previous position.
  5. shagging in the churchyard

other stuff:

  • fave snack food of 2005 - it's a tie between dark chocolate peanut m&m's & kettle cooked firecracker hallapeeno peanuts
  • fave book of 2005 - eleanor rigby by douglas coupland
  • fave dj show of 2005 - mark farina & dj heather at the commodore
  • fave live band show of 2005 - constantines opening for the weakerthans
  • fave romantic moment of 2005 - sitting watching the sunset, drinking wine & eatin g burgers with tnb
  • fave blog post by me of 2005 - the church sex one i linked to above


enough of that shit. ok, so if you'll recall, my sister had invited a guy along to judge jules to introduce me to. turns out he's pretty cute. we had a decent conversation about work and stuff and he asked for my number. so i get home round about four.am then log into le laptop and rori is on line and we talk for like an hour - the essence of the conversation being mostly about him actually being in love with me but being too afraid to admit it. so then i get to the island and spend new years with west49 and have a really good time and sometime after one my sister's budy shoots me a 'happy new year' text message and holy shit what the hell.

ug my belly hurts from too many firecracker jalapeno peanuts and a whole can of coc-a-cola.

hey, wolfie there's your ass photo. sorry it's six months late.. xoxo