mardi, janvier 24

baby we're goin down swinging

what i want to say is "don't go. i have this funny feeling in my belly about you. well, about you and me. stay here and let's see what happens. we can go on adventures and laugh and cry and scream and fuck and travel and laugh some more and it won't always be awesome but it will always be worth it and you'll never wonder what if."

what i will say is "this is an awesome opportunity and i totally envy you the possibility. i'm sure you will be successful and amazingly happy. good luck."

this is, of course, academic for the moment. he hasn't technically got the job yet. but he will, of course, because he's normal, and nice, has started dating me, and i actually like him. it was no coincidence that he got called for an interview the monday after our first date. i told him as much the other night. told him to just think of me as his good luck charm. he laughed, as though he didn't quite believe me but said thanks anyway.