vendredi, janvier 13

i'm two quarters and a heart down

i took a colour picture for ciavarro, my second ever internet crush. i'm feeling a little nostalgic tonight, so thought i'd dredge through my fondest memories with the help of a bottle or three of red wine. though i did notice, however, that my mama has been dipping into my stash of rh phillips. i can't say too much though, i guess. she did give birth to me. the least i can do is share my wine.

do you know that if it rains till sunday we are going to hit a record for the most consecutive days of rainfall in a row? how messed up is that? if you don't hear from me again, it's probably because i've chewed through my wrists in some kind of coyote ugly suicide - i've woken up and rolled over and found myself in bed with mother nature and she's frickin' f-u-g.

the divine ms u and i have a standing payday date with the outlet mall right by our office. we hit garage fortnightly for cheep tshirts and stuff to wear dancing. it saddens me 'cause my "nice rack" (as the cute boy my sister introduced me to refers to it) means that i have to buy a large, but whatevs. for five dollar tshirts i'll wear a double-x if i have to. or a triple-x. that'd be sweeeeet. but vindiesel triple x not ice cube 'cause the cube may have *been* the shit, but lately-ish he's been less straight outta compton and more straight outta disney. he used to be so hot. le sigh.

i don't think the cute new boy is interested. mike b says it's the fear talking. i am less convinced. i guess we'll see, huh?

i'm still taking offers from cute boys. you've all seen me now - if you are interested in taking a cute blonde girl out some night you know where to find me. tomorrow night'd be good, too, 'cause it's haircut day. i heart haircut day.

wow i'm drunkenrambling i do apologize. xoxo