dimanche, janvier 8


so i made some updates to the ol' sidebar. sadly i had to delete a blog that i used to love that has been defunct for some time, and i was holding onto purely for sentimentality's sake. i also ditched the brain libations ('cause i read way too fast to keep up with it, and it was having the effect of making me appear as though i was just this side of illiterate) and also the on the decks 'cause i felt like it. i may add them back when i finally finish the waking up with sundae cd, but right now it's too big and ungainly and offends my ocd.

i also finally added phil and raymi after a year of stalking them and having a secret secret blogger crush on phil. nk reports that he is very very tall, so the crush may be somewhat weakening. i have some interesting lovelife updates for you, but seem to be having difficulty putting them into words. i'll try again later, though, i promise.

(this is raspberry speaking to herself for a moment. i'm going to lecture - feel free to tune out the same way you did when you were fourteen and your mom found beer in your room)
hey lady. this journal is a forum for you to get the swirly thoughts out of your head and onto the page. you know you always do better at sorting shit out that way, then you do strictly keeping it inside. write it down, lady, and stop stalling.
(lecture over)