lundi, janvier 23


home sick. dunno if i've got the flu or if it's just the meds but i've been sleeping for the better part of the last 36 hours and am really nauseous. see that guy in the classmates add? the one there on the bottom? i'm pretty sure he was my elementary school crush in grades six and seven. like, if i dug through some boxes, i could probably find that very picture. how funny is that? i guarantee you he didn't marry that chick in the photo above. she may, however, have been our grade seven teacher in an earlier life.

the cute boy nearly got his ear ripped off playing hockey on saturday night. like the picture he sent me is GROSS - there is something like eleven stitches in his earlobe. *shudders*. yes picture. no i didn't rush to his side to hold his hand when he was in the er. no he didn't call me. yes that is a very good thing. i would have probably gone and then been grumpy about it 'cause i'm pathologically afraid of hospitals. also of escalators but that's a post for another day.

ok i need to go back to sleep now. i *have* been awake for an hour now, you know.