mardi, janvier 24

dizzy up the girl

i still can't stand up long enough to take a shower. yes i realize this is gross. i am weak enough that i missed yoga last night and am currently missing my first spanish class. the yoga i can make up on thursday. the spanish i will have to cram for. fortunately my papa is taking the class as well and i can (as was previously witnessed by a grade eight aged sundae who spent many an evening at his mercy trying to learn algebra) count on him to be an educational hardass therefore have thorough and/or neat&tidy notes for me to copy.

tomorrow, i believe, will be another day of bed and afternoon tv. ellen and the sundae are now tight.


i wish i could dance when she does, but i get the spins and have to lie down. i feel like i'm letting you down, ellen. i'm so sorry, sweet dory, will you ever forgive me?

the worst part is that i can't pay attention to anything for long enough to read. i've been playing with my template but can't really focus so the best i could manage was a new image. it's kind of cute though. maybe tomorrow i'll do something a little more fancy-schmancy.

now that the conservatives are in power, i plan on using the profits garnered from my 1% gst reduction to engage in a life of debauchery and hedonism. especially since it's becoming more and more apparent that a monogamous fulfilling relationship is not in the cards for me. perhaps i'll spend my first million on sex toys and leather wear.



in the meantime, check out rick mercer's predictions on sharper's cabinet picks. it'll be interesting to see how many he's called.