lundi, janvier 9

under helicopters of desire

To lust with raging lungs. What hangs above when we love in fear? Don't take me to the hospital. Don't tie me to the wires. Just kiss me on a rooftop. It's for us. he's got the softest skin i ever felt and when he flipped me over, pushed my hair up up off my neck and gently grabbed the knot at the top of my spine with his teeth i could feel goosebumps rising the length of me, rising up closer closer closer to his touch. i arched my back against him, thrust my ass up, couldn't get near enough, couldn't find a way to smother my skin with his body. how can i climb inside him how can i feel him from the inside out how can i surround myself with the velvet pressure of his touch.

i know as he pushes inside me that this might be my only chance - that when it's done my lust will flicker and fade away. this will be the only time we meet here, in the dark, in desire.

it has to count for everything. i have to drink him all in take him all in my mouth touch every inch of him with my hands my tongue. i have to make it count for everything.

he rises up behind me with a gasp, pulling my hips in tight and i can feel him crash over me i fall to the bed face down on the pillow and bring him with me so that his body is on top of me his weight anchors me in this moment. don't ever let it slip away. this is the only truth - two bodies two people minds free and linked together at the same time.

this is the only truth don't ever let it slip away but even as i think this even before he's pulled out of me even while we are still together i am already thinking about someone else i am already gone.