jeudi, janvier 19

how is it not friday?

you really want BA Barracus on your side in these situations – especially when he’s a flesh eating deranged zombie.

i just now noticed that i have 666 posts. if i'd noticed that before i would have gone one of two ways - either stopped there forever, or immediately written a nothing post to get over the hump. i can't decide.


this is the first time all week that i've been home before 7pm. i'm vehicularly challenged, you see, and have been relying on the kindness of strangers. or not strangers, but colleagues. you get my drift. in addition to this, my doctor has prescribed celexa for me. it's leaving me in this weird state where all i feel is sort of a numb nausea, and my sleeping is messed up. i take it at night 'cause it is supposed to make you drowsy, which is a bad before work idea. and it does make me drowsy, but it also, weirdly makes me really wired and unable to fall asleep. oh and there's the feeling constantly like i'm going to vomit. hopefully that goes away.

none of this is a worthy excuse for not posting in days, but at the same time it's a great excuse, really, 'cause i haven't been myself. mind you, there is a whole lot of that going around the innerweb, i think, 'cause the ennui i am feeling seems to be fairly endemic.

in other news, remember the cute guy i went out with last weekend? the one that makes my heart go pit-a-pat? yeah, he had an interview for his dream job the other night. sadly, it's in australia. figures.