lundi, janvier 30

baby ain't it crazy just to want it

notes to self:
1) remember to wash your coffee cup before you leave work on friday afternoons. you never know when you will be off for a week unexpectedly. *shudders*.
2) after being off work with the worst flu you've ever had, it may not be the best idea to spend all day in the rain/playing in the snow and then stay up all night dancing.

how old am i? oh yes, double-three. you'd think i'd have these semi-basic things figured out by now.

i seriously did nothing yesterday, except drive the kiddo and four of his friends down to a cafe dahn-tahn to see the blood brothers. he wandered in around 1am - he's gonna be more tired than me this morning. i am, quite honestly, exhausted. like deep down muscle ache tired. like i could use more time off work but would never EVER be able to catch up if i didn't come in. i did hear on the radio this morning that there is more chance of dying of a heart attack or stroke on monday morning than any other time of the week, 'cause everyone is so stressed out about going back to work that their blood pressure is way up. i know mine is, today.

or it would be if my heart wasn't too tired to beat.