dimanche, janvier 29

sleeping in the sun (lazybones)

which would be, of course, what i *wish* i were doing. or sleeping in the shade. or sleeping in the light filtered through the clouds. the operative word being sleeping. clearly.

i am a chronic early riser - a fact that never fails to delight and amuse the men i spend the night with. after the first night i spent with tcb he rolled over at 8.30am, looked at my wide awake ass said bearily "i need another hour". this morning, when my eyes popped open four short hours after they closed, i tried to roll over and say to myself "i need another hour". self did not listen, sadly, and chased me up the stairs to find coffee.

i don't imagine, however, that today will be a high-functioning brain process day.

true to form, i picked my spot on the dancefloor and stayed there all night. g came wandering up as farina hit the stage, laughing 'cause i guess he'd asked his friend if we had been spotted yet. j said he hadn't seen us and g responded, 'but they are always right... there' and sure enough there we were. i danced for hours and hours solid, then got back to the condo to find two drunkentextmessages on my phone from tcb. sadly they were from HOURS previous and he was already passed out when i got them. 'else i'd be there not here and probably naked not wearing fuzzy blue jammies.

i would be, however, awake regardless of where i was. stink.