vendredi, janvier 27

it's save *on* tuna, elvis

i have a new favourite song.

no it's not the madonna one, but i really like that one too. shh. i need to go dancing. the divine ms u and i will be on the floor front and centre for his highness of house mark farina tomorrow night. he probably won't play this, but he may play the madonna one. a girl can dream.

i'd also like to get off my tits tomorrow night, but i'm really broke-o-la, so i may have to borrow some cash to make it happen. i would like to meet cute boys who will buy me drinks, but my tendency when i go dancing is to find myself a little place just to the right (my right not his) of the dj and stay there




you pretty much have to drag me off for company/water/cocktails/flirting/all of the above, so it'll be comfy clothes and dancing shoes and i'm good to go.

you can't tell from the photo but i just got out of the tub so my hair's all damp from the bath and i am soft and smell sweet like black raspberry & vanilla body lotion. i'm also wearing the girliest panties imaginable and a tshirt with a monkey skull on it. whatevs.

ohh i also just heard the subways and this band makes me happy also. can you tell i'm sitting at home having a glass of wine (purely medicinal) and watching the wedge on muchmusic? wild and crazy friday night for the sundae.


but it's all good 'cause tomorrow i go out to dance my ass off and work out the frustration of a week of sick and the only nice boy to come my way in months (years) moving as far away from me as is humanly possible. maybe i'll find myself a dirty dirty boy to really work my frustrations out and then i'll have good stories for you.