mercredi, janvier 4

i'll be your number one with a bullet

i've managed to make my own blog nsfw for myself - i have to furtively ensure that there is no one behind me before i check for comments and/or the changes which i always hope have occurred, but never do (*ahem* german, ciavarro - stinkin' guest bloggers who never guest blog).

this is, of course, as opposed to my pre-digicam days, when i simply had to make sure that there were no higher-up boss types behind me before i checked on my bloggity. i do actually care whether or not my co-workers see my tah-tahs. other than the divine ms u, of course, 'cause she's seen 'em before.

so my poor 'puter is still in bits all over the table. this is a subtle improvement - it was in bits all over my floor, previously - but it is an improvement nonetheless. as soon as i've figured out what's wrong with it (and when i say *i*, i of course mean someone else) it will be put back together and the happy happy getting up with sundae cds will be compiled.

anyhooo... i should probably *pretend* to be working at least. this whole vacation thing messed me up royally - my sleep patterns are screwed, and i have absolutely no drive or ambition right now. i really was cut out for a life of scholarly pursuits which can be conducted from the comfort of your own home.

that or a straight up life of leisure - i'm easy.